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BRASHER FALLS – When the students at St. Lawrence Central School leave school for the last time this school year, they will take with them an important message: Be careful.

Christopher Dow, an elementary school physical education teacher, has created a video that details all of the potential dangers children could face this summer and how to deal with them if they have a problem.

“I hope everyone is ready for summer vacation. Today I want to tell you a little bit about summer safety and some things you can think of that will keep you safe during the summer time, and that way I can see you for next year, ”says- it in about 6 -minute video.

Mr Dow said it was his first time making a video to promote summer safety.

“Now it’s part of my weekly classes,” he said.

But he’s made over 60 education-related YouTube videos in the past year.

“I have made over 60 YouTube videos in the past year for all distance students and my distance learning day students on Wednesdays. I had a lot of help from our business education teacher Brandie Halley who takes care of the computer application equipment. She showed me how to use the editing programs and was my director, ”said Mr. Dow.

He said that during the last two days of each school year he usually had lengthy discussions with his students about swimming safety and anything they could do during the summer that could be dangerous and not not realize it.

“With no face-to-face classes last June, I wanted to reach out to all of my students and video was the best way to browse my Google class,” he said. “The biggest message I wanted to get to the students is to stay safe, make smart choices and have fun so I can see their smiling faces in September. “

Cycling safety is one of the topics covered.

“Every time you ride a bike, even if it’s in your driveway, in your grass, on the street or on the roads, you should always have your bicycle helmet on. All you need to do is fall once and open your head. And the second thing is that when you go out on the roads, please check both directions to make sure there is no traffic, ”Mr. Dow said in the video.

Other topics include the use of sunscreen.

“Anytime you’re outside for a long time in the sun, you should put on sunscreen. The higher the number, the better the sunscreen, ”he said.

He also talks about the importance of hydration.

“Every time you’re outside and playing and staying active you sweat a lot, and if the temperature is really hot, you sweat a lot. You need to get a lot of water into your body and rehydrate yourself, ”said Mr. Dow.

The use of life jackets was also important for kayaking, rafting or boating.

“It is there. It will save you,” he said.

There were rules for swimming, he said. One of them never swam alone.

“We always swim with the buddy system so no matter when you go you have to have someone with you, even an adult on the pool deck or on the beach watching you. Always have someone with you, ”said Mr. Dow.

Always watch out for thunderstorms, too, he said.

“Please get out of the water, let it blow, and then you can come back to it.” Let this storm pass, ”he said.

Mr Dow also advised being aware of the water where swimming takes place, whether it is a pond, river and swimming pool. There may be rocks, the water may not be deep enough to dive in, and in the case of swimming pools, do not dive in shallow water and make sure the door area is closed and locked so that young children cannot approach the water.

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