Robert Dillingham’s Blog: Welcoming Coaches, Gold with USA Basketball, Physical Sciences and More

Combine Academy (Charlotte, NC) playmaker Robert Dillingham is one of the nation’s top pointers and topped the 2021 Summer Pandemic Tour like no other, including an appearance in the title game Peach Jam and breaking the single-game scoring record (31 points) to lead USA Basketball’s U16 team to gold. This has led to a “who’s who” of college contenders who all apply the full-service recruiting press to the 2023 star. Now he’s agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access to his world by doing the show. chronicle of everything that is happening in his world in a monthly blog.

What’s new, it’s Robert Dillingham coming back to you with another SI blog!

I’m still excited to have won the gold medal with USA Basketball, so let’s start with that!

It was a crazy experience playing with all the best players in the country and also being able to be coached by some of the best coaches. I don’t take it for granted because most people don’t have this opportunity!

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I scored 31 points in the gold medal game, and that’s ultimately the most points ever scored in the U16 division. First it was 27 points by Jabari Parker then another guy had 30 and then I had 31.

It was pretty cool!

It was a special moment for me because I was just trying to win the game and they told me later in the game that I was close to the record.

My teammates kept looking for me, and the most important thing was that we won the gold!

I felt good about the way I played this summer, it was my first summer on EYBL. I have to show what I can do and we have won a lot.

We got the Peach Jam title game but we didn’t win it. My USA Basketball teammate Kylan (Boswell) definitely gave me a hard time getting them to beat us in the title game this year, but everything is fine! Haha!

We certainly could have won it, but we didn’t play our best game. We had a great team, but we didn’t put it in place when we needed it.

It’s just another lesson learned for me though.

OK, recruiting is going pretty well for me; I have all the coaches that come to my gyms open after school now that they can go out again. North Carolina was there on day one and my dad and I had a great conversation with Coach (Hubert) Davis.

Recently LSU, Kansas, and Memphis jumped for me. Tennessee offered me recently too!

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I love that the coaches can be here to watch us at the open gym. I just like being able to finally talk to them face to face.

I take my time with everything though; I just want to find the perfect school that will help me develop my game and prepare for the NBA.

I love school right now too. I have to say my favorite class is my physics class with Miss Phillips. I’m learning a lot from it!

On the music side, of course, I like Drake’s new album, but I’m still heavy with the rappers from Detroit. Almost all of them!

OK guys that’s it for now, just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on with me.

Check back soon for my next one and be safe there!

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