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Borrowing of home savings loans

Borrowing of home savings loans

Construction loan: concept and significance With the building loan, the borrower decides for the classical and safer form of the loan. Reuschling & Weis Finanvermittlung advise you in a free, individual consultation on the optimal form of financing, tailored to the individual and economic needs of the borrower. The traditional real estate financing is usually carried out with a home savings loan from a house bank under his supervision.

For many people, the great benefit of a home savings contract is that only a certain amount of money needs to be saved and the remaining amount of money is recharged by the banks for a certain period of time. As a result, interest rates on home savings loans remain at pleasing levels. However, this only applies to the usual and well-known type of Astro contract.

For information about an immediate home loan, the competent team of Reuschling & Weis is at your side with help and advice. The home savings loan is based on the principle of solidarity. The basic idea behind a home loan is that many savers co-finance the many other current home loans with their on-going payments into payments.

In addition, Reuschling & Weis GesmbH provides information on the disadvantages of choosing a carefully constructed construction loan. The favorable interest rates are being earned elsewhere, as there is hardly any credit financing with a home savings loan. In the Astro agreement, the terms of the Astrokredits are disclosed in detail and are recognized with the signature and accepted.

Conservative syndicate banks with a long and reputable tradition are recommended as business partners for a home savings loan. Only if enough savers applied for a bank loan from a house bank, the house bank remained liquid enough, in order to receive the contractually assured over-average interest rates over the entire duration. If you are enthusiastic about a home savings loan with all its advantages and disadvantages, you are in good hands with Reuschling & Weis financing. At Reuschling & Weis Financing you are in good hands. usually not able.

Astro and home savings loans

Astro and home savings loans

Here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on home savings and loans. What is the actual amount of savings? Astro focuses on the Astro table, which represents the total amount to keep. The sum consists of the stored credit balance and the desired estate.

Example: If the minimum savings capital is 50% and the building permit for the renovation? 20,000 needed, the building savings for the modernization achievement is a sum of â,¬ 10,000 and â â a â,¬ â,¬ ten thousand USD building society loans. The savings capital will be saved within seven years and the home savings loan within seven years?

There is a uniform savings rate for each saving tariff, which is in most sentences between 4% and 5% of the construction cost. The standard savings rate is to ensure that the building customers realize the assignment of the home savings contract after a saving period of approx. 7 years. What is the minimum savings account? The minimum credit balance must be set up for the assignment of the home savings contract and the acceptance of the building society loan by the client.

The minimum savings capital for most tariff variants is between 30 and 50 percent of the building’s savings. What are the initial costs for the conclusion of a Astro contract? For all savings banks, a final salary of between 1 and 1.6 percent of the total is charged. This can be paid by the client with a separate deposit at the beginning or by crediting to monthly savings rates.

Some savings banks also incur additional costs for account management or home savings loan. Even with most new building part tariffs the interest on credits and credits are guaranteed only for this contract period. The one who pays the monthly savings contribution rule, receives after seven years, the minimum savings loan and thus the award of the building society savings. But due to the optimized savings rate and the sum of the Astro contracts, it is also possible to assign the Astro contract at a later date.

What does a home savings loan stand for? The Astrokunden receive with the conclusion of a Astrovertrags from the beginning of the contract for the future term a guaranteed interest for the building society loan. So you can hedge today’s favorable interest rates for home savings loan in seven or ten years. How can I use the home savings loan? The home savings loan may only be used for residential purposes.

The home savings loan can be used for the following purposes :: Astrosame Savings only for the building? Initially, the Astro contracts served primarily to promote housing. But not only in a new building, conversion or expansion, a contract applies to the construction sector. A home savings loan is also useful for the residents for certain renovation and refurbishment measures. Before the contract is awarded, the builder must save depending on the tariffs 40 or 50 percentage points of the construction cost.

Which savings should I choose? The Astro amount is the value on which a Astro contract is concluded. In the case of larger financings, such as the construction or acquisition of a house, the building society should take about 30-40% of the total funding. If, on the other hand, you want to restructure your debts or carry out a small modernization project, it is best to cover this with the Astro contract.

If you do not know the intended use today, determine the amount of the construction loan according to how much you can save each month. Consideration of the advantages of state subsidies for building society-saving economies. That is not an issue – you keep your contract until the economic situation calms down. Can I save for construction purposes with capital-forming social benefits?

Yes, the contributions to wealth accumulation are well suited for retirement savings. Of course, there is also the housing premium of the state (within the statutory income limits) for saving money with VL!