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NAGPUR: With the awareness of fitness and growing sports culture in the country, the field of physical education today offers many possibilities. Fitness enthusiasts can not only pursue a career in the field of their passion, but can also be paid handsomely.
Besides a good physique, passion is a must for a career in fitness training. The area requires a lot of sweat, both literally and figuratively. Physical education offers a wide range of perspectives, from a career as a full-time gym trainer to owning a fitness center. Students interested in the field can be admitted directly to physical education classes just after Std XII.
According to Nashikrao Tirpude Physical Education Department Director Vivek Awasare, taking a formal physical education class not only opens new doors for beginners, but also helps them recognize their true interest. “This field is aimed at students who have an appetite for sport and who like the gym and its equipment. After training you become mentally and physically fit for any job, sports trainer or gym trainer, ”he says.
Surendra Jangde, branch manager of a popular city gym, says fitness opportunities are “at an all time high.” “People are more health conscious today than ever before. Although slowly, Nagpurians make it to the gym to build a fit and toned body. So now is the right time for gym enthusiasts to pursue a career there, ”he adds.
A fitness trainer can also work as a freelance writer and provide home-to-home services or work in the hospitality industry as a trainer in hotels and hostels. “If you’ve honed your skills and know the nuances of training, video blogging and uploading workouts to social media is also a great option for earning extra pocket money. However, it also depends on the quality of your work, ”Jangde explains.
Fashion is also growing for mixed martial arts (MMA) and cross fit training, which includes muscle and strength building sports like martial arts, kickboxing and power yoga.
“MMA and cross fit training gained popularity in the city in no time, as it encompasses almost every aspect of fitness. After training, students can embark on a career in kickboxing or become coaches after gaining substantial experience. There is no rule book, except that you only need to be a fitness enthusiast and be hungry to learn new techniques, ”explains Arpit Rathor, owner of Outraw Training Academy.

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