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Do you want to buy a guitar, piano or other musical instrument but don’t have the money? Discover the advantages of loans without payroll

Do you want to buy a guitar, piano or other musical instrument but don

In order to satisfy the dream of learning to play a musical instrument, or to cultivate one’s own talent, it is necessary to equip oneself with the most suitable instruments, which is often quite a large outlay.

In addition, it must be considered that the life of the novice artist is certainly not economically prosperous, so it may be complicated to be able to obtain the sums of money necessary to be able to purchase his own musical instrument, unless a specific loan is used., but the lack of documentable income does not simplify the situation.

Look for finalized loans without pay check

Look for finalized loans without pay check

Generally obtaining a loan without being able to present a pay slip or at least a guarantor is very complicated. However, there are some situations in which it is possible to succeed in having the sum you need, even if it cannot be very high amounts. Some solutions are particularly flexible as they can be activated directly online, and have very short response times.

There are also banks that offer specific solutions, with facilities for not so much the rates applied (in line with those of personal loans) but access to the financing itself.

Some examples

  • There are numerous sites specializing in the sale of online tools that take advantage of the service offered by Bankate, which with “network installments” makes it possible to obtain loans of up to 8 thousand USD, starting from 150 USD, even cumulative. Up to one thousand USD, no pay check is required. However, a current account is required to pay the installments, which is obligatorily via rid;
  • Bank Munda provides a specific loan for the purchase of musical instruments. The rates are good, the repayment schedule is on average up to 24 installments. In this case, however, the sum of the loan (ranging from $ 250 to $ 2,000) is credited to the current account, which must be opened at Bank Munda itself;
  • Bancapulia requires the necessary guarantees for the disbursement of the financing destined to the purchase of musical instruments, with a reimbursement up to 12 installments for amounts up to 1500 USD, and up to 17 months for amounts up to 2 thousand USD. In this case, moreover, a zero-rate loan is used.