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A new initiative that provides the analytical parameters for the planned allocation, use and management of the nation’s land and physical resources may soon be adopted by federal authorities to achieve balanced and sustainable development in the country.

The program, known as the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Public Works and Housing and anchored by MM. national development.

The NPDP is bearing fruit after 12 years when a baseline study was finalized to provide an initial assessment of the topic, which was followed by the composition of a project support team that visited Malaysia and Malawi.

Essentially, a stakeholder meeting on the preparation of a National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) was held last week in Abuja, which attracted leaders from professional bodies, departments and agencies of federal government ministries. , directors and heads of urban planning agencies from the 36 states. and the CTF as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Permanent Secretary Mr. Ernest Umakhihe, who spoke at the advisory forum, said the ministry was looking for the magic key to bring Nigeria on the path to tangible development. and sustainable, adding “the national physical development planning strategy offers such hope.

“It is a unique approach, which goes beyond the desire for simple economic development in the arena of mobilizing all human and natural resources to optimize production, promote integration and establish a delicate balance for development on all fronts.

He said that there is an urgent need to put in place a spatial framework for the implementation of sectoral programs as well as to focus on the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability in the use of collective resources in the country.

Umakhihe envisioned that the proposed plan when completed will be holistic, inclusive and participatory and that it will lay a solid foundation for federal, state and local authorities to formulate development plans and strategies as well as identify development projects. in a more realistic, focused and cooperative way. .

Senior Consultant, DPMC Limited, Onibokun Abimbola, explained that the NPDP will build resilience, ingenuity, prosperity, sustainability, security and equity for Nigeria through a territorial strategy for a period of 2021-2041 .

He said the proposed document would solve environmental problems that transcend administrative boundaries – drought, desertification and erosion.

It would also address issues of extreme national importance, such as regional inequality, resource conservation, warfare and border control, and ensure effective deployment and enforcement of allocated sector funds.

The President of the Nigerian Institute of Urban Planners (NITP), Olutoyin Ayinde, expressed concern that 28 years after the enactment of the Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Law, the NPDP envisioned in the law is still a document in the proposal phase.

However, he hoped that it would serve as a springboard for other ultra-regional, regional and sub-regional spatial planning scales which are necessary on the way to orderly development.

Ayinde urged the government to put in place the necessary structures to ensure the implementation of this plan, especially the appropriate institutional framework to coordinate all components as well as funding to make the vision achievable.

Nigeria Town Planners Registration Council (TOPREC) Chairman Isyaku Kura said the profession will continue to provide the necessary leadership in the process of progress in delivering an operational plan that benefits Nigerians as well as large-scale and balanced physical and physical conditions. socio-economic development in regions / states.

Earlier, the director of the ministry’s Urban and Regional Development Department, MO Dunmoye, said the forum was designed to bring together stakeholders to kick off another phase in preparing an NPDP for Nigeria.

“This plan has great potential to put Nigeria on the path to balanced, healthy and sustainable development,” he said.

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