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A 180-month loan is a very long-term loan. As a rule, consumer loans are granted over much shorter terms of up to a maximum of 10 years. However, in exceptional cases, it may be necessary to return a loan over fifteen years. In addition to a traditional consumer credit, there are also loans from private individuals in matters that can be found on special Internet portals.

Consumer loans with very long terms from the Internet

Consumer loans with very long terms from the Internet

At the house bank, customers are likely to encounter problems when applying for a 180-month loan. As a rule, such long-term loans are only possible as mortgage loans where the property acquired serves as collateral security. For consumer loans, most established banks and savings banks do not lend for more than ten years.

That’s why you should look for such a loan from the beginning on the Internet, preferably on special forums for consumer credit. With a credit finder, which is offered on these sides, the customer must enter only the desired loan amount and loan running time, then it is immediately displayed favorable offers. Even for very long maturities, online banks are indicated here who are willing to award such consumer loans.

It is particularly practical that for each loan offer, the effective interest rate is displayed, so that the customer can compare the various proposals with each other well. If he has decided on a loan offer, he can succeed from the side of the loan portal via a link directly to the page of the selected online bank.

Loans with very long terms from private to private

Loans with very long terms from private to private

In recent years, special financial portals have been established on the Internet that provide loans from private to private. Again, you can find a loan with 180 months duration. This is a good idea, especially if the loan is to be taken for a specific purpose, such as medical expenses, social projects or assistance in emergency situations.

Here, the customer can set a corresponding loan application, in which he describes exactly what purpose he needs the money.

Other participants, who want to invest their money as profitably and sensibly as possible, read through these inquiries and, if interested, contact the applicant. Many of these portals make a small premium on the interest, which is then paid into a pool to secure the claims of the lenders.

Should there be a failure, the pool compensates the lenders. These personal loans are a good alternative to banking products. For example, credit customers can often expect relatively low interest rates here.