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Enabling young children to reach their full development potential is a human right and an essential condition for sustainable development.

Given the critical importance of giving children the best possible start in life, the health sector, among other sectors, has an important role and responsibility in supporting nurturing care for early childhood development.

The first years of life are among the most important for a child’s mental and physical development.

In our early years, science shows our brains are making new connections at a rate that will never be repeated again, with over 80% of neural development before the age of three.

In this process of brain building, it is not just the physical needs that must be met.

Babies and toddlers also need mental stimulation and close, loving interaction with those around them from birth.

These precious moments most often take place with family members, who are at the center of a baby’s most precious first relationships.

According to a new WHO guideline, the health sector can play a vital role in helping families provide this care, helping every child get the best possible start in life.

Here are some highlights of this important new resource.

Every child should receive appropriate care: Responsive care means listening to a child’s cues and what they are telling us â € “ whether they do so by using facial expressions, crying, or making other sounds and movements – and then responding to their needs accordingly.

This process helps lay the foundation for building secure and loving relationships, as well as early learning.

It helps babies and toddlers feel secure knowing they are protected by those they love and can communicate their needs effectively.

Some of the things parents and caregivers can do to strengthen this bond include: Frequent physical contact, such as holding or cuddling. Regular eye contact at close range.

Speak and sing and respond to baby noises.

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