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Children should be happy to have good mental and physical development, new study finds – Edexlive

Enabling young children to reach their full development potential is a human right and an essential condition for sustainable development. Given the critical importance of giving children the best possible start in life, the health sector, among other sectors, has an important role and responsibility in supporting nurturing care for early childhood development. The first […]

Sleep is vital for adolescent mental and physical development, experts tell parents

Parents should set strict bedtime for teens up to the age of 18, sleep experts say. Getting enough sleep during adolescence is vital for mental and physical development. Yet increasingly independent teens, equipped with smartphones and computer games, are staying awake late into the night in what experts call an “adolescent insufficient sleep epidemic.” Researchers […]

New concerns over physical development as states shy away from cities and city master plans | The Guardian Nigeria News

These are not the best times for the practice of town planning, as most state governments have relegated the problems of town and village planning to the background and have abused physical developments. Nigeria’s Urban and Regional Planning Act of 1992 stipulated that each state should embark on the preparation of physical development plans at […]

Food insecurity can hamper children’s mental and physical development: review

Evidence summarized in the review demonstrates that food insecurity (FI), even if only temporary, is associated with developmental and behavioral progress in children from infancy through adolescence. This effect has been observed in western industrialized countries and even after controlling for influencing variables. The results give a lot of credit to interventions designed to give […]

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