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When we talk about the best personal or fast loans, many doubts and many curiosities are always born. Everyone, moreover, would like to combine convenience with convenience by taking advantage of the best deals still on the market today dedicated to fast loans. Certainly, we must also specify that new loans are implemented every year. This is a constantly evolving market, with banks seeking to develop new products (and projects) to meet the more specific needs of their customers.

Based on the final purpose of the loan it is possible to rely on the knowledgeable hands of very different credit institutions. All the offers on the market have their own particularities and in general there is not the best of fast loans. However, there are loans that can adapt well to some functions rather than others. Loans that are not difficult to find, but in the sector of which we must know how to orient ourselves. Also because, as has already been mentioned, it is an evolving and expanding sector. There are so many offers that even the best connoisseur in the finance sector could get lost. Let’s see, then, together what are the best loans nowadays on the Italian financing market.

The best loans for the car: here is what they are

The best loans for the car: here is what they are

As the statistics show, most of the funding in Italy is requested for the purchase of a used car. Often these loans are included in the range between 10,000 and 15,000 USD and have an average duration of about 84 months. To get them you don’t need to do many bureaucratic procedures. Quite the contrary: car financing is not so great as to require the compilation of many documents, many guarantees or other. However, in most cases they are reserved for workers with permanent contracts, or those with contracts that will last long enough to cover the loan term. Let’s see what the best funding is in the area.

The first financial product is, perhaps, even that is more interesting. This is the Personal Credit of the Bankate, a loan that ranges from 1,000 to 30,000 USD. Obviously the factors such as the interest rate, duration and installment vary in relation to the amount disbursed.

Another of the best products for car purchases, Cashimos, is offered by Viloan. As regards the interest rate and the installment, both are factors in all respects equal to the aforementioned Bankate offer. The only thing that changes is the amount of money that can be requested. In fact, by contacting Viloan for car financing it is possible to request a quantity of only that ranges from 5,000 to 30,000.

The best loans for restructuring

The best loans for restructuring

High costs cannot be avoided when it comes to renovating your property. Even the simplest jobs in a home require numerous materials and interventions by industry professionals. The importance of obtaining a good loan is therefore fundamental. Also in this case there are several on the market, including those designed for larger renovations and loans that are planned for small adjustments to the home. Here are the cheapest loans ever.

Perhaps the best financial product for home renovation is the one offered by Findomestica Banca. This is the Job Credit, one of the most used products on the whole Italian national territory. The money is paid in about 15 working days.

The Bankate bank turned out to be very efficient due to its ability to identify the main problems of its customers. It has not been less in this case, creating the Personal Credit product designed specifically to provide people with access to a convenient loan.

The best liquidity loans

The best liquidity loans

Funding for liquidity has always been in great demand by the general public. The banks, for their part, have well thought of responding to the personal needs of customers by developing special offers. These are products with a slightly higher interest rate than the average rate, but which, nevertheless, can be extended over time for a duration of the loan that exceeds 84 months.

In this sector the cheapest loan is almost certainly offered by the Astro which has implemented the product of the Personal Loan. Thanks to the latter, practically anyone can access the liquidity loan by carrying out the bureaucratic procedures quickly and easily. However, the time required for the disbursement of the money is around 21 working days during which the bank’s employees will check the documents and guarantees.

Also in this field Bankate has decided to implement a very good offer, but not at the convenience levels of the previous one. This is the Personal Credit for Bankate liquidity. Although this product has the usual advantageous sides of Bankate, it has somewhat high interest rates. This is also why it is not the financing product that is most often used. The Taeg in this offer is at very high levels: 8.28%.

The best loan for furnishing

The best loan for furnishing

Finally, we cannot forget the loans for furniture, which are also among the most requested by the Italians. For the most part a loan is requested which ranges between 5,000 and 13,000 USD.

The most convenient on the sector is the Personal Credit of the Bankate. It is granted to employed workers hired for a limited and fixed term (as long as the duration of the contract covers the duration of the loan).