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Nowadays, an indefinite, full-time contract has ceased to be the only acceptable form of employment in the workplace. Therefore, banks are increasingly adapting their offer to their borrowers so that cooperation with the bank takes place in the most favorable conditions for both parties. This is very good news, because many people are employed on the basis of the so-called junk contract, which only provides them with insurance in the workplace.

Cash loan – agreement

Cash loan - agreement

Few people know that today’s loan agreements also create the possibility of borrowing a part-time contract or a mandate contract. A loan with a mandate contract is possible, special conditions are prepared for it to ensure that the recipient of the loan is satisfied. Nowadays, a contract is not the only determinant of creditworthiness. The ability to take a loan is also influenced by age, health status, marital status, and credit history, which is verified by the bank at the time of submission of the application.

What are the documents to submit?

What are the documents to submit?

When taking out a cash loan under a mandate contract, some banks may require us to provide us with a statement of earnings over the past twelve months to be certain of our financial receipts, and that we will be able to pay back the commitment we will assume.

A word of summary. Nowadays, banks are expanding their product range to fit the ever-ahead world. They have a wide offer not only for people without permanent employment but also special loans for students. If, until now, someone thought that a loan with a mandate contract is not possible due to earnings, then their doubts should be dispelled. It should be remembered that the world is changing and even banks are making progress so that their cooperation with the consumer is favorable. Companies providing loan services care about the company’s image and that their customers will come back to them willingly.